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How to create a new catalog

Catalogs are the easiest way to keep track of the products you discover and want to remember.

Here are some great ideas for product catalogs on Shop Your Way: 

  • Favorites: music, movies, books
  • Kids Favorites: favorite toys, books, or food
  • My Perfect Home: all the stuff you'd love to buy for your home
  • Vacation Time: everything you need to pack for a perfect trip
  • Back-to-School: everything you or your kids need for the next school year
  • Home Project: all the tools and equipment you will need for a home project
  • Gifts: items you are considering purchasing for a friend or family member. Create one for each person!

Catalog Privacy

Control who sees your catalog on Shop Your Way. 

  • Public. Catalog will be visible to all Shop Your Way visitors.
  • Friends. Catalog will be visible only to Shop Your Way users that follow you and who you follow in return.
  • Private. Catalog will only be visible to you.

You can always change the catalog's privacy setting by clicking "Settings" in the catalog page.

Choose a Gift Catalog

If you are having trouble choosing a gift for someone, Shop Your Way can help by making the decision easier.

By creating a Choose a Gift catalog and adding your friends as “editors,” you and your friends can generate gift ideas that are easily accessible to see and share. You can then vote on the best idea using the “like” button next to each option.

The catalog is by default set to “private” mode so that you will be able to choose who can see the catalog.

We also have an app for helping to choose gifts called Presentip.

Catalogs Leaderboard

Catalogs Leaderboard shows the top 100 catalogs that the Shop Your Way community thinks are the most interesting and engaging. 

You can take your catalog to the top of the Catalogs Leaderboard with these helpful tips:

  • Add images and relevant items that describe your catalog
  • Share your catalog with friends and the rest of Shop Your Way
  • The more engaging it is, the more people will want to interact

Good Luck!

Visual Catalogs

Creating a catalog is a great way to keep track of items and products on Shop Your Way. With the visual catalog tool, you can give your catalog a visual context with a personal touch.

The Visual Catalog is also interactive and a great way to express your creative side. It’s a cover image that lets you tag the items from your catalog on the image itself.

To upload a cover image to a catalog, go to the catalog’s page and click “Upload a Cover Image” under the catalog’s icon next to the catalog name.

You will then be prompted to upload an image. Click the orange “Upload” button in the center, and choose an image file to set the cover image.

The image must be a PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF file, and for best results, should be 1200px wide by 540px high.

Once you’ve uploaded the image, you can readjust the position and scale the image to fit the screen. When you are done editing,click “Set Cover Image.”

You will then be prompted to tag items from your catalog on the image. To do this, click anywhere on the cover image, and then select an item in the pop-up list that’s in your catalog.  You can tag as many items as you like.

When you are done tagging, click “Done Tagging.” At any time you can tag more items, remove tagged items, replace the image, or remove the image. The choice is up to you!

How to Remove Items From Catalog

To remove items from your catalog, go to your catalogs page by clicking on your username (profile picture) and then on “My Catalogs

Choose the catalog you would like to remove item from, hover on the item and click on X

How to Tag a Catalog

To tag your catalog, go to your catalogs page by clicking on your name (profile picture) and then on “My Catalogs

Go to the catalog you would like to tag and click on “Tag your Catalog

You may also tag your catalog by going to the catalog setting page and click on "Catalog Tags"

How to Delete a Catalog

To delete a catalog, go to your catalogs page by clicking on your username (profile picture) and then on “My Catalogs

Choose the catalog you would like to delete, click on the settings button located on the top right corner of the catalog header, and then choose “DELETE CATALOG

Please note: The following catalogs cannot be deleted:

  • Things I Like
  • My Wish List
  • My Things