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First Steps

Creating a Vanity URL for your Official Page

We can create a vanity URL on your behalf, which will make it easier for users to remember and find when you drive traffic to your page.

Simply email us at to make your page official and receive a vanity URL. 

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Guidelines for Writing a Great Tagline

Adding a buzz-worthy tagline can increase your page’s exposure in search engine results. 

Be Descriptive

What’s most important when creating a tagline is that it reads well.

You have one sentence to tell potential visitors why they should check out your page, so use the space wisely and to your advantage.

Try writing the tagline from the user’s point of view by thinking of what they might look for when searching for your page.

Keep it Real

When writing a tagline, it's sometimes easy to get carried away. However, it's imperative that the slogan accurately reflects the topic of the page. 

In other words, it’s best not to exaggerate the topic of your page. Things like “The No. 1      ” or “The best      ” can be a big turn-off to users. Instead, keep it real and find a clever and authentic way to let others know how cool your page really is.

Short and Sweet

Taglines and slogans should never be longer than a sentence, and ideally should hit the sweet spot between eight to ten words. If it’s any longer than a sentence, your slogan will become jumbled and ultimately forgettable.

Brevity lends itself to memorability, which is the primary goal in slogan writing. So keep it short and sweet by limiting your tagline to a sentence.

Use Relevant Keywords

When writing a tagline, use relevant keywords that will help users better understand the content of your page. For example, a page about Italian food should use keywords like “pizza” and “lasagna.” 

Try to choose popular and well-known words that people would use to search for goods and services listed on your page. One great example of this is “Tasty & Fresh Italian Food. Great recipes for crusty pizzas, and flavorful lasagnas.”

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