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Page Admin Settings

Wall Posts by Visitors

Disabling this option will prevent users from writing status messages or adding pictures and videos to the page's wall.

They will be able to comment or like the page manager's added content only. 

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Content Subscriptions

Content subscriptions allow Page Managers tosubscribe their page to another page’s content. By subscribing your page to other pages, youwill add selected content posted on different pages to your page’snewsfeed. 

To subscribe to a page, go to the page youmanage, and click the “Edit Settings” tab on the right side of the menu. Next,scroll down to “Content Subscriptions” and click “+ Add Tag.” Here you canenter relevant tags of your choosing, and press enter to submit the tag.

You can also adjust the setting by selecting ornot selecting the type of content you wish to subscribe to. To allow another page to subscribe to yourpage, select the box that says “Allow other pages to subscribe to my owncontent.”

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Stick to Top

Stick to Top allows page admins to move items in a page’s newsfeed or catalog to the top of the feed or catalog. You can stick up to ten stories at one time (though ideally three stories work), and always switch them around with newer content. Stick to Top gives an item more visibility to page visitors and shows the best content first, regardless of the date it was posted.

To use Stick to Top, hover over an item, either one you posted or one posted by users, wait for the pop-up box to appear, and click “Stick to Top.” To unstick a story, hover over the story, wait for the pop-up box to appear, and click “Un-stick.” Your story with then be moved back to its original spot.

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Visual Catalog

The Cover Image tool for catalogs allows you to take an image, upload it to a catalog, and then directly tag items on the image that are in the catalog.

To use the Cover Image tool, go to your Catalogs page, hover over a catalog, and select “Upload Cover Image” from the menu that appears. Start by selecting an image to upload (within the parameters of how to “Choose the Right Image”), click “Upload,” then adjust the image size and position. When you are done, click “Set Cover Image” and start tagging the photo.

To tag the photo, click anywhere on the image, and then select the products in your catalog that go with the picture. When you are finished tagging, make sure to click “Done Tagging” so save changes. You can change, adjust, or replace the cover image of a catalog at any time.

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Measuring Page Performance

Every page on Shop Your Way is equipped with a powerful statistics tab. On the statistics tab, you can see Total Engagements, Total Visits, Total New Followers, and a graph measuring the activity on a page over time.

To access page statistics, go to your page under your admin identity, and click on the tab on the right side of the screen that says “Page Stats.” Click on the tab to view the page’s statistic details.

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A tag is a label attached to content that makes that content easily accessible in search results, and as well, aggregates similar content together for easy browsing.

Adding relevant tags to content helps expose that content to the rest of the Shop Your Way community in search results and for users interested in that content. It also ensures higher visibility for posts published on pages.

To tag a post, message, photo, video, of product, hover over the item, and click “Tag It” in the popup that appears. In the subsequent popup, scroll over to the “Tags” section, and click “+Add Tag.” Here you will be given the space to enter whatever tag is appropriate. 

If the tag already exists, a list of possible tags will appear. If the tag does not exist, go ahead and create the tag as a new topic.

To delete tags, click the “x” next to the topic tag.

Important: Please make sure the content is relevant to the specific topic, and that it’s interesting and engaging. Remember, it will be exposed to a large number of users on the homepage.

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