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New Look For Shop Your Way Pages

New Look, More Engagement

We’re launching a new look for Shop Your Way Pages that affects the top section of your page and enables:

1.  Better organization of the page profile details.

2.  Better placement for promotional messages – as part of the recent activity feed.

3.  A focus on content – now elevated above the fold.  

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Page Cover: Customization Options

Your header consists of a blurred cover photo which provides a background for your page’s profile details.

As a page owner, you can customize the cover photo by uploading a new image. The new image will be blurred to maintain a unified look across the site, however – your unique cover will provide a distinct look for your page, in a color scheme that matches your page and brand. 

New pages, or pages which previously had no top banner, will be assigned a default cover.    

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Page Cover: Image Guidelines

In order to create the blurred effect and stretch the cover image across wide screens, we zoom into your cover photo. The minimum dimensions required are 580 pixels wide and 230 pixels tall, and the wider the image, the less we’ll zoom into it.

You can also crop out a desired section of a larger image, as long as you maintain the minimum dimensions requirement.

To create a monochromatic look – use a single tones image. Likewise, to create a colorful setting for your page, upload a multicolor image. 

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Promotional Banner

You can now include a promotional banner in your recent activity feed. This banner will always remain on the left-top corner. It can be linked to another page/catalog/product.

The exact dimensions for the banner are 720 pixels wide and 230 pixels tall. You can crop an image to these dimensions out of a larger banner/image.

If you’d like to link only certain elements of your banner, or have multiple links in one banner, you can include an image map link with your banner.     

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