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Automated Content Subscription


You can add content to your page with an automated feed from your brand's Twitter account by emailing us the URL of your Shop Your Way brand page and the URL to your Twitter page, at, with your specific request.


You can link your Instagram account to your Shop Your Way Tag page to automatically publish photos you posts on Instagram to your Tag Page.

Simply go to your "Edit Settings" page, click on "Create" and verify your Instagram account login information.


You can link your YouTube page to your Shop Your Way page, to automatically add content to your Tag page with an automated feed from your brand's YouTube channel by going to your Edit Setting page and clicking on "Add", next to the YouTube field. Enter the your brand's YouTube URL and click on "Fetch", then add.


To automatically publish your posts from Facebook to your Shop Your Way page, go to your admin Settings page, click on Add, next to Facebook. This will open up a dialog box where you can enter the Facebook page name or URL.  You can either "Test" or "Cancel" your action.

Testing will allow you to verify the page you linked to your Shop Your Way brand page, by showing you the profile image and the About section of the page.