Now that you have an idea of what Shop Your Way is, you are probably eager to get in on the fun. Here are some basics to getting started.

How do searches work?

You can quickly find Products, Catalogs, People, Media, Pages, or all of the above when typing a query into the search bar. 

For example, if you type in “watches,” we’ll find you a number or results that are categorized by either Brand, Category, or Topic, making it easier for you to find the things you want.

Who are the people I’m seeing on my newsfeed?

While many of the people on your newsfeed will either be friends, people that you follow, or people that follow you, sometimes you’ll see someone that isn’t familiar. That’s because we match your interests up with other users; we make friend and follow suggestions so that you can easily expand your network without having to do search through millions of users. 

If you are searching for a friend and don't see them, you can always invite them to join Shop Your Way!

If something pops up on the newsfeed that you don’t want there, you can always hover over the item and click “Not Interested.”


Following and Unfollowing

Part of the fun on Shop Your Way is to find people you like or are interested in, and then follow them. Following someone on Shop Your Way means that you will subscribe to their newsfeed and receive updates about that person.

It is important to note that following someone is not an automatic two-way relationship. You get to pick and choose who you follow, and as well, pick and choose who can follow you. When two people are following one another, they then become “Friends.”

When you want to follow someone, you can send a request by hovering over the person’s name and clicking “Follow” in the popup. If you want to find people you already know, use the search bar; just make sure to search for that person’s registered Shop Your Way user name.

To unfollow someone that you are currently following, simply hover over that person’s name, and click “unfollow” in the pop up that appears.

Why am I seeing this? Not Interested

Sometimes you may be browsing through your newsfeed and notice a story that seems to not exactly fit with your interests.

If you hover over the image, and then click on the “Why Am I Seeing This?” in the pop up that appears, you’ll get an explanation for why that story is coming up in your newsfeed. 


If you decide that this isn’t the type of story you want to see, you can click “Not Interested” in the Story pop up, and you will be brought to a list of related interests, which you can also choose to follow or not follow.

Sharing Statuses, Photos, Videos, Products, and Questions

One of the great interactive features on Shop Your Way allows you to write and post statuses, upload photos, add videos and products, and ask questions.

To do so, you can click on the "What on your mind?" text box and then post the content.

Official Pages

You might have noticed that some fabulous celebs are a part of Shop Your Way, and that we have some very recognizable brands and stores as well.

To ensure that you are looking at the official pages for these brands and celebs, look to see that there is a little green circle with a check mark in it next to the celeb or brand name.

We have lots of fan pages on our site, which is always fun to see, but we also want to make sure that you can find exactly what you are looking for – the little green check mark!

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