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Help Me Choose

What is Help Me Choose?

Help Me Choose is a poll-creating tool that enables you to ask friends for advice and receive feedback about photos and items you are browsing or might be interested in.

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How do I use Help Me Choose?

To create a Help Me Choose Poll, when viewing a product or its image, hover over the product and then click “Help Me Choose” link on the pop up menu. Once you add an item to your poll, the lower part of the screen will open up with the poll options. You can also click on and drag an item to the lower part of the screen to add it to a Help Me Choose Poll.

Here you can add a custom title and a description of the poll. You can remove items by clicking on the “x Remove” button.

You can add up to 6 items, and need at least two items to publish a poll.

When you are done creating your poll, click “Publish”. Once you click "Publish," the poll will be published to all of the Shop Your Way community, and others will be able to vote on your poll and help you choose the best item.

To view your poll, click on the home page to access your newsfeed. Here you will see the poll as the first item. If you click on it, a quick-view of your poll will appear with voting stats and comments.

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How do I vote on Help Me Choose?

To vote on Help Me Choose, click on the poll, and then vote on your favorite item. 

You can also leave a comment to help others with their selection, and check back on the poll to see the latest stats of who else voted.

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