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Products on Shop Your Way

Community Added Product

Shop Your Way users can add products from other sites to Shop Your Way to share, promote, or simply save in their catalogs for later.

Users are free to change the product's information (name, price, description) before adding it. Therefore, Shop Your Way cannot be held responsible for this product's information. 

If you wish to see the original product page from which the product was imported, simply click "Go to seller."

If you want to learn how you can add products to Shop Your Way, click here.

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Product Information Source

Because Shop Your Way is an open shopping platform, Shop Your Way product information is taken from different shopping sites. In addition, products can be added by Shop Your Way users from any website.

The product information displayed on these pages, including prices, is retrieved from the URL that appears below the product image.

Product information is frequently updated, however it may not be 100% up-to-date. 

Before purchasing, please review the product information in your cart and at checkout.

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Add Products from another Website via Bookmarklet

You can add a product to Shop Your Way from any site on the web. Just copy and paste the URL into Shop Your Way. 

Better yet, use the Shop Your Way Bookmarklet; the product will be added to your catalog and become a part of Shop Your Way. 

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No Purchase Option for Product

Because Shop Your Way is an open shopping platform, some Shop Your Way products are sold by different shopping websites. In addition, certain products can be added by Shop Your Way users.

Each product can have one or more "buying options" (web pages where the product can be purchased from).

For some products, there may be no buying options at all. This may happen if the product was removed or is out-of-stock on the website that is the source of the product.

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