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Get Advice

What is Get Advice?

Get Advice connects you to other users by providing a platform to ask and answer questions. 

Get Advice is also a place to socialize and meet other shoppers. Strike up a conversation, and you are sure to find someone either answering or also asking about your interests. 

What’s most important is that you can find answers to things you want and need to know. No more searching for a similar question that’s already been asked—now you can ask it directly and get an informed response right away.

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Where can I find Get Advice?

You can find this feature on the top of your page by clicking on “Advice”.

you can choose to Get Advice or Give Advice by clicking on the buttons from the left menu.

You may see and filter all questions by clicking on "Show All Questions".

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What shouldn't I ask?

Because of the format, all posts should be questions. If you are interested in answering someone’s question, you can do so below their posted question.

In addition, because the questions you post are open to the public, you should not include personal information.

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How do I answer a question?

To answer a question, click on “Advice”  and then on "Give Advice" from the left menu.

You may see and filter all questions by clicking on "Show All Questions" or answer your friends questions by clicking on "Show Questions From Friends".

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Tips for Asking a Question

Make sure that when you ask a question, you are asking for everyone. Instead of “What’s the best bicycle for my child?” make sure to phrase it as “What’s the best bicycle for children?” 

Also, make sure to list all of your needs. For example, "What's the best dryer for a family of 5 to stack on a top of a washer with a budget of $400?"

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