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Card Link Partners

What is Shop Your Way Link and how does it work?

Shop Your Way Link is a FREE program that allows you to earn Shop Your Way points at participating Shop Your Way Partners (called “Card Link Rewards Partners”) by linking your Visa card to your Shop Your Way account. 

When you make purchases at participating Card Link Rewards Partners with your linked card, you will earn points.  You can then redeem the points you’ve earned at any Sears, Kmart, and/or participating Lands’End store.

How do I enroll in Card Link?

To link your Visa card to your member account, simply follow the instructions for completing the Shop Your Way Link Enrollment Form located at You’ll need a text-enabled mobile phone and your 16-digit Visa card number to complete the enrollment.

Please note: Providing your mobile number on the Shop Your Way Link Enrollment Form will not update a phone number in your Shop Your Way member profile. 

Why do you need my Visa account number and mobile phone number to participate in Shop Your Way Link?

Your Visa card number is needed to verify that you have made a qualifying transaction at a Shop Your Way Card Link Rewards Partner location. 

By providing your mobile number we are able to complete your enrollment in Shop Your Way Link and to provide customized offers and messages directly to your mobile phone.  Your credit and/or debit card information is stored securely by Visa.

Can I use any of my Visa cards to enroll in Shop Your Way Link?

You can enroll Visa credit and/or debit cards in Shop Your Way Link.  However, not all Visa cards are eligible.  Cards not eligible for the program include Visa Buxx (prepaid Visa), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Visacards, EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Visa cards, Gift Cards and other Visa-branded cards whose transactions are not processed through the Visa U.S.A.payment system.  

Also,one-time use cards can enroll in the program, but you will not receive additional ongoing offers - only a welcome offer.  One-time use cards generate a new Visa card account number with each purchase.

You can enroll up to 3 Visa Cards in Shop Your Way Link. 

I have a Sears Choice MasterCard; can I participate in Shop Your Way Link?

Currently, only Visa cards are eligible for Shop Your Way Link.

How do I earn points with Shop Your Way Link at a Card Link Rewards Partner location?

To earn points with Card Link Rewards Partners, members simply use their enrolled Visa card to complete their purchases anytime they shop/dine at a participatingCard Link Rewards Partner location or website. It’s that easy! 

Enrollment in Shop Your Way Link also ensures you’ll be among the first to hear about exclusive offers and other program news.

Members can earn Shop Your Way points through Shop Your Way Link in addition to any other card benefits they already receive on a Visa card (like Visa points or frequentflier miles).  So, you can double up on rewards and benefits with purchases you make at Card Link Rewards Partners.  Just be sure to always use your enrolled Visa card when shopping at a Card Link Rewards Partner location or website to earn your points.