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Bonus Points

What are Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are special offers and promotions from a Redemption Partner. 

You can earn varying points from Redemption Partner specific offers and promotions. Members can earn these points after a transaction is made. Bonus Points are only redeemable at the Redemption Partner where the points were earned. Bonus points can be combined with Shop Your Way points when redeeming where the Bonus Points were earned.

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Can Bonus Point offers be combined?

On occasion, Shop Your Way may offer Bonus Members a chance to combine two or more Bonus offers on a qualifying purchase.  When this occurs, Base Points are only earned once. 

For example, if a Bonus Member makes a $250.00 qualifying purchase at a time when two Bonus offers are available (one offering 2% back in Points for the item and another offering 10x Points for all purchases), the total Points earned would be 27,500.

The calculation is as follows: 5,000 (from the 2% offer:  2,500 Base Points + 2,500 Bonus Points) + 22,500 (from the 10x offer: 25,000 Bonus Points - 2,500 Base Points already earned). 

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Can I earn Base and Bonus Points on the same transaction?

On specified qualifying purchases, Shop Your Way Bonus Members may earn Bonus Points in addition to Base Points. Bonus Points are inclusive of and not in addition to Base Points earned on a qualifying purchase.

For example, Members will earn 1,000 Base Points on a $100.00 qualifying purchase. If a 2x or 2% back in Points multiplier offer is also applicable, the total Points earned would be 2,000. (1,000 Base Points + 1,000 Bonus Points).

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How do I know when the bonus points earned in a particular transaction expire?

Specific points expirations are viewable in your Account History page where you can view the points earned on individual items, as well as the expiration dates of those points.

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