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Managing My Profile

How can I edit my profile information?

At Home

  • You may change your personal information such as your Name,Email address, Phone number ,Home address,etc. by clicking on your name (or profile picture on the top right) and then click on “My Profile”.

  • In order to change you email address select your name (or profile picture) located on the top right of the page and click on “My Profile”. Choose "Settings" --> "Account" and you will have the option to edit your email address.

In Store

  • You can edit your profile at any register; just make sure you know your PIN!

Over the Phone

  • To edit account information, call the Member Care Center at  1.800.991.8708.

What emails will I receive as a Member?

By providing us with a valid email address on the site, you agree to the Program Terms and Conditions and will be opted in to receive regular email offers for Bonus Points and information from the Shop Your Way program. Emails may include offers from Sears, Kmart, Land's End, and mygofer.  

We hope you never do, but if at any time you want to opt out of email communications, follow the “unsubscribe” link and instructions at the bottom of the email.  However, if you do opt out, you will no longer be a Bonus Member and eligible to receive Bonus offers.

How can I control my email?

To opt out, or change email communications, click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email you receive.  This will allow you to control what stores or brands you communicate with. 

Just remember, you must maintain opted in to Shop Your Way specific emails to maintain Bonus Member status and be eligible to receive Bonus Points. 

I forgot my password to access the Shop Your Way website. What should I do?

Go to the sign in page and click the "Don't know your password?" link. A window will appear asking you to enter the email address you used to set up your account. Enter it, then click "Continue."

We will then send an email to this address and provide you with the steps needed to create a new password.

Can I share my Membership with a family member or friend?

Shop Your Way is so easy to enroll in that we suggest that everyone becomes a Member. Besides, we want to be able to share the most important offers to each person based on their interests.  

When a store looks up my Member information, there are several accounts with my name, what should I do?

It appears you were enrolled multiple times.  Call the Member Care Center at 800.991.8708. This is the only location with the ability to merge accounts.