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Privacy & Security

Profile Privacy

You are in control of who can see your personal information on Shop Your Way.

The three different levels of privacy settings are:

Public. Your information will be visible to all visitors of Shop Your Way.

Friends. Your information will be visible only to Shop Your Way users with whom you have a mutual “follow” relationship.

Private. Your information will only be visible to you, and no one else.

You can change your profile privacy setting at any time by clicking here and then on '''Privacy''' from the left menu. At the bottom of the page, you will see'''Switch to Private Mode'''.

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Catalog Privacy

Control who sees your catalog on Shop Your Way. 

  • Public. Catalog will be visible to all Shop Your Way visitors.
  • Friends. Catalog will be visible only to Shop Your Way users that follow you and who you follow in return.
  • Private. Catalog will only be visible to you.

You can always change the catalog's privacy setting by clicking "Settings" in the catalog page.

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Search Engine Indexing Settings for Your Profile

Enabling this option will allow search engines like Google to index your profile pages (recent activity, personal info, etc.). 

If you choose to uncheck this option, your profile pages will not be accessible to search engines for indexing purposes. 

Just to be clear, this privacy setting is just around your name as displayed on Shop Your Way - the rest of the content (catalogs, reviews, comments) that you haven’t marked as “Private” will be indexed by search engines.

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Why do I need to register my account?

While you can still earn Points and get offers without an online account, our Members-only website is your key to getting the most out of the Shop Your Way program. 

Once you register for access to Shop Your Way, you can track your Points and earning progress, check your VIP level, modify your account information, customize your PIN, and get access to exclusive Member offers and information anytime you want. 

Simply put, it’s easier and more convenient.

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Why do I need to create a password to set up an account?

Because some of the information on the Shop Your Way website is unique to each Member, we use passwords so only you can see your account information. 

You can help make your account secure by setting a password that is 8 - 10 characters long, and includes at least one letter and one number. 

Note: This password is NOT the same as your PIN, so make sure not to confuse them. 

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Why do I need to provide my date of birth at registration?

Shop Your Way is a social shopping website. As a registered Shop Your Way user you may enter personal information into your profile page.

Following FTC guidelines, we must validate your date of birth to be able to collect and store personal information you choose to submit to us.

You can control who can see your date of birth by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page, scrolling down to and then clicking on “Edit Settings,” and then changing your "Privacy" settings.

Under your privacy settings you can choose to display or not to display your date of birth by selecting the “private” option.

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