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Shop Your Way Points

What are Shop Your Way Points?

Shop Your Way Points are points earned from the Shop Your Way platform (base points from redemption partners, connected partners, online stores, Win It!, Shop Your Way Mastercard, Services, Dining, etc.) and can be redeemed on Shop Your Way and with ANY Redemption Partner online or in store.

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How do you Earn Shop Your Way Points?

Shop Your Way Points can be earned in a ton of ways across the community:

  • Base Point purchases with Redemption Partners
  • Shopping with any of our Online Stores
  • Linking a credit card with Card Link by Shop Your Way
  • Connect your Shop Your Way account to an extensive list of partners and automatically start earning rewards when you use the partner.
  • Play Win It! And Sweeps, spin to win games.
  • Get a Shop Your Way Mastercard and earn on every day purchases.
  • Services provided by Shop Your Way
  • Special offers and incentives for doing things across Shop Your Way

And lots more!

Some of our members’ favorite partners to earn with: SearsKmart, SHO, GasBuddyHotels by Shop Your WaySweepsOnline StoresRestaurants

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