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What is an eReceipt?

An eReceipt is an exclusive Shop Your Way Bonus Member benefit. eReceipts allow our Shop Your Way Bonus Members to enjoy hassle-free returns and stay organized with less clutter and paper. 

An eReceipt allows our Shop Your Way Bonus Members to return items without a paper receipt. All you need is your phone number, email address, or Member number. We will look you up and process your return.

·  Receive special offers with your eReceipt

·  Use less paper and create less waste

·  Convenient way to store your receipts, especially for warranty and protection agreements

In order to receive an eReceipt you must be opted in to receive email communications and have a valid email address on file. 

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How does the "no-receipt-required" return policy work?

If you need to return an item, but lost, threw away, or can’t find your receipt, making a return will be easy if you used your Shop Your Way Membership when you purchased the item. 

A Sears or Kmart store associate will be able to look up your original receipt for you. Simply provide your email address, phone number, or Member number to the store associate who will then look up your purchase. 

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Where can I find my eReceipt?

Your eReceipt will be sent to the email address connected to your Shop Your Way account. If you do not see it in your Inbox, check your SPAM folder and relocate it to a new folder so you know where all your receipts are located. 

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How do I return an item in the store if I selected to get an eReceipt?

Provide the store associate at the register with your phone number or email address. The associate will look up your Shop Your Way account and process your return. It's that easy.

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How can I get an eReceipt?

As a Bonus Member, when you are at the register select the "eReceipt" option on the customer-facing terminal.

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