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LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack 7956

Item# SPM6461654301 | Model# 7956 | Added on July 14, 2011 | Seller: Operose
LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack 7956
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Prepare to lead the Ewoks in an ambush! Watch the Imperial scout trooper on his Imperial speeder bike and get ready to strike–Ewok style! Launch a barrage of stones and release the tumbling logs! Then hide in the secret compartment and retract the ladder! Includes Imperial scout trooper, Logray and Ewok warrior minifigures with weapons.
Includes 3 minifigures: Imperial scout trooper with speeder bike, Logray and Ewok warrior
Treetop hideout features stone launcher, log trap, secret compartment and retractable ladder
Launch stones from the treetop hideout!
Flick-fire logs onto the Imperial scout trooper!
Retract the ladder and retreat to safety!
Measures over 6” (15cm) wide and 4” (10cm) tall
Imperial speeder bike measures over 5” (12cm) long

  • LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack is designed for boys ages 7 - 12 years old
  • Set includes 166 building pieces for kids to construct
  • Caution: LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack contains very small parts that could be a choking hazard for children under 3 years old
  • Comes with Logray and Tokkat Ewok minifigures and one Storm Trooper minifigure with speed bike
  • Spear, sling, and bow weapons also included
  • Treetop hideout features stone launcher, log trap, secret compartment and retractable ladder
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There is finally a "cheap" set with ewoks! The battle of endor is too pricey, but this is only $25 and you get two amazing ewoks. This is a cheap set, but not for the value. This is smaller than you might think, and only has 166 pieces. However, the reason I got this was for the excellent Minifigures.
The speeder bike
The speeder bike is a nice addition to the set, so the imperial scout actually has a chance. (A pretty big chance with the pistol too.) The speeder has nice little handles and a backpack on the end. It is a nice little addition that I found charming. There isn't ANYTHING wrong with it, but they could add some things. 8/10
The Minifigures
The Minifigures are the best part of this set; you will find this out too.
Logray is the little tan ewok warrior. He doesn’t really look intimidating; he actually looks like a smiling fuzzy kid ewok. (Well, the pouch, Skull "hat", and spear help get the point across that he is a warrior.) He is a great Minifigure; I got the set for him and his fellow little friend, Tokkat. 10/10
Tokkat is my favorite Minifigure. He is a black ewok with a green hood and a Bow and arrow. He has a detailed headpiece, with a tiny white feather and brown string. He is a wonderful Minifigure, one of my favorite of all my sets. 10/10
Imperial Scout Trooper
This scout trooper used to be rare, and I guess he could still be counted as a rare awesome Minifigure. He doesn't have a visor; instead you put the helmet over his black head. He is the worst of the three, though he is still amazing in quality. 7/10
The set
The tree itself is very small, but this is a very nice tree, the traps are very good, but I will get to that later. You can see all the traps on the tree, unless the compartment is a trap. It looks pretty nice and is a nice addition to my star wars collection, it blends in pretty well. But if you leave it alone, it can get boring. Combine this set if you want fun. I would recommend the new endor battle pack, or if you have battle of endor. All the branches make it look nice too. It is a pretty fun build, and it is well designed. Now to the traps. However, the area on top is kind of scrunched. Another bad thing is that the end of the missile sticks out; luckily a branch is above it to make it less noticeable. 6/10
The traps are really cool at the start then well, they get OLD. The catapult worked better than I thought, but with a Minifigure up there it can be tricky to fire right. The log trap is cool, but the scout can really see it coming. The log that comes out the side of the tree is odd, but I guess it is good. The scout won't see it coming unless it already is sticking out. The ladder is nice because you can retract it. The hidden compartment is very hidden, and there is a flick fire missile inside. This really weighs up the other traps. 7/10
The overall picture is very nice, but this set is so small. I had to think about this set allot. The Minifigure convinced me to get it. I was hoping for a bit more, such as space. But these ewoks are so amazing!!! (Not to mention exclusive) I would recommend this set, but only if you have lots of money and or is a star wars/ ewok fan. Hope you like my review, and if you get it have fun!!! Overall 76/100

June 27th via
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This set is very nice firstly for the great EXCLUSIVE Ewoks which are very detailed, the traps are very accurate and effective, the sliding log is great for tripping up the AT-ST from the Battle of Endor set, and the tree is very detailed.


The tree I think could have been larger as there were not many trees that size in the movies and it is a bit annoying when you add this to other Endor sets as the speeders are all different!

June 18th via
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Get This for the Minifigs!


IMO, this set could have been done better. The first half was confusing to build, and the second half was kinda boring. But the minifigs are great, so if you like Ewoks, then definately get this! The speeder was really fun to build, too.

Ewoks: The Ewoks are very detailed, and look almost exactly like those in Star Wars VI. They make this set a great purchase!

Scout Trooper: The Imperial Scout Trooper is my fave in the set. I love his helmet! The armor is AMAZING.

This is a good set IF (and that's a pretty big if) you just want it for the minifigs. I wouldn't recommend getting this for a little kid.

Check out my other reviews!

June 18th via
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i have every lego star wars set ever made and rhis one is by far the very best set. I love this set because it is just simply awesome

June 18th via
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Cheap Ewoks!


This is quite a good set. It is a cheap way to get Ewoks, and the tree is great of course. But the playability is not optimal. This is a mere expansion set for Battle of Endor. On it's own the set is quite poor, you really need other sets. I like the many features, but after a while they get boring. This is a real tree that also looks like a tree, not something you can say about every lego tree. There is not much to say, so I'll go on with the pros and cons:

[+] Ewoks
[+] Scout trooper
[+] Speeder bike (new design)
[+] Tree looks good
[+] many features
[=] Price is all right but could be cheaper
[-] Bad playability without other sets

As you can see, there are more pros and cons so it is worth the price, but you should consider other sets before you buy it.


June 18th via
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Loving the Ewoks


I bought this set for the Ewoks really. I also got an Ewok keyring and added it to the set. As an adult builder I don't play with the sets so can't really comment on playability but the set is sweet. Star Wars Lego is always expensive for what you get but you pay for the brand and I get that. You get 2 Ewoks and a storm trooper type dude so nice amount of mini figures.

June 18th via
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Great Endor moon set ewoks attack!


Great im having a blast with it great detail on the ewoks and with the endor battle pack coming out you can have even more fun with endor moon legos!

June 18th via
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In A Galaxy Not so Far Away, we got an epic tree!


When I first got this set, I slightly disliked it because it was too small for its size. However, it started to grow on me, and this is when I decided I'm finally going to review it. Lets start with the minifigures. We get 2 exclusive mini-figures, Tokkat and Logray.

Judging by Logray's bigger headpiece and his spear as well as the skull on his head, I'm guessing Logray is a stronger Ewok than Tokkat. Outside of Logray's head piece, the other pieces are pretty monochromatic, such as his brown spear and tan body pieces.

Tokkat was cool too. He has black fur, brown eyes, a gray nose and a gray mouse. Other than his headpiece, he is monochromatic and has only black and gray, which I believe is a shade of black. His bow and arrow was a cool mould, but it only goes on his right hand. The scout trooper isn't that new.

I wouldn't get this set for the speeder bike. It comes in a lot of cheaper sets too. It's simple. It's so simple that I can't get into detail with how straightforward it is.

The tree was the main attraction. It had a log trap feature, a flick fire missile, a hideout to ambush the scout trooper, a sliding log and a catapult. 5 features in one tree! I liked the ambush feature even though it does have a con, which will be mentioned at the end. The catapult was good, but make sure your kids know how a catapult works before they use it. My brother lost one of my stones. The flick fire missile was good. I recommend using your left hand to flick it regardless of whether your right handed or not. The sliding log was good, but it might block the ambush feature. The dropping log feature wasn't bad. If you replace the connecter pegs with friction with regular connecter pegs, the dropping log feature closes by itself, while the friction pegs keep them in the air.

-2 Exclusive Minifigures
-Log Dropping Feature
-Ambush Feature
-Sliding Log
-Flick Fire Missile
-The tree is very sturdy.
-Lots of brown.

-Sliding Log and Ambush feature might interrupt each other.
-Flick fire missile must be used with left hand.
-Kids might not know how to use the catapult.
-Expensive for its price. 166 pieces for 34.99 CAD.
-Same old speeder bike and scout trooper.

June 18th via
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