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By JENN skorupski

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Seriously, My Brain Needs Fixing!
Official Rules: creative photo of “something that needs fixing.” $600 buys a Fisher Wallace electrical brain stimulator, which helps depression, anxiety, sleep disorders & chronic pain unresponsive to medications. 287 other meds, supplements & treatments haven’t worked, but this is very different! I could replace my broken twin mattress or finally get a couch with the points, which is my needed home improvement. It would free up cash to buy the brain stimulator. Hope springs eternal!
Added to catalog on May 25, 2017
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Fence Project A
Cracked, rotted, and warped boards in my fence must be replaced and painted. I would use the $500 from this contest toward the purchase of boards, nails, and paint to complete this summer project.
Added to catalog on May 25, 2017
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House next door FELL ON MY HOUSE!!! The contractors the city used DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE!!! I have a $1000 homeowner's insurance deductible.
Bought a multi unit house, the only one on the block that wasn't boarded up and abandoned, and rehabbed it for my family. I wanted my special needs adult children to eventually live independently in their own apartments. Unfortunately, the house next door FELL ON MY HOUSE when the city demolished it.This caused destruction or damage to my deck, fence, siding, concrete sidewalk, gardening equipment and bricks/stone foundation. SYW points will provide supplies to repair the fence, etc.
Added to catalog on May 25, 2017