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Kenmore 251.50701011 doesn't draw water even with fan and compressor running.

I have two Kenmore 251.50701011 (50701) dehumidifiers in my basement. One was purchased in 2010, the other 2011. I did not purchase an extended warranty for either, reasoning that my last two Kenmore dehumidifiers lasted almost 10 years. I only run them in summer and fall or whenever my basement hygrometer reads that the humidity has officially crept over 50% as spring arrives. During the 4-5 months a year I run them, I usually keep them set between 45-50% and they've worked great. I have two hygrometers down there to continually check the RH and temperature to see how well and accurately the units are running. I drain one unit to my furnace room floor drain and I manually empty the other unit's bucket. This year, one unit is not removing any water at all, and the other is removing very little, even after running both units on LO overnight. I'm currently using both buckets to better monitor water output. After days of testing and opening up the unit housings, I can confirm that both fans and compressors are running, but that one unit is not removing any water, and the other is removing very little. During a 24 hour period with both units running on LO, my RH went from 60 to 64%, (with the temperature never falling under 70) with only one unit removing any (although not nearly enough) water and not nearly as much as it has the last few years. Both filters are clean. Although neither unit is still under warranty, I'm told the compressors are for 5 years. I'm reading that with both the fan and compressor running, the culprit is probably somewhere in the "sealed system" which I'm also reading is not cost effective to repair. Is there any chance the problem could be the compressors (although they are running) in BOTH units that I should gamble the $90 ($45 each) to have my local Sears repair shop look at them, or is it much more likely the problem lies within the "sealed system" that I'm reading is not really a cost effective repair? Thanks!

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Manage My Life
by Manage My Life
July 6th, 2013
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Ron Hawkins
by Ron Hawkins Earned 19,064 community points in Kenmore
July 8th, 2013
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