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connecting kenmore portable washer to kitchen sink faucet - help

Everything was fine until I renovated my kitchen and bought a single handle-goose necked kitchen sink faucet from Kmart. After the sink and faucet were bought, paid for and installed, I tried to hook-up the portable washer sink connection and it doesn't connect. I'm now told that this type of faucet doesn't have any type of adaptor to retrofit the portable washer's sink connection to the single-handled goose-necked faucet

What to do? MY laundry is piled up and I'm running out of underwear!

The washer connection to the sink has two hoses which basically merge into one. If I separate the discharge hose (which comes from the bottom of the washer) and I position this hose into my sink basin, and then find a way to directly connect the sink faucet to the hose to supply water to the washer, will this work?

It looks as if the water/supply hose is connected to the water supply during the entire run of the washing cycle. At the beginning it allows water to fill the washer's tub, then it doesn't allow any more water while it does its soak and wash, then the water drains from the washer's tub through the other hose. Once the washer's basin is empty, it again allows additional water to fill the washer's tub. Once the water fills the 's tub a second time, it prevents any more water from coming into the tub, but the water pressure from the sink is still running..

The black connection that formerly fit onto the sink faucet had the ability to take the water from the sink to the washer's tub, and then direct the discharge of the dirty water from the washer into the sink at the end of each washing cycle.

I'm hoping that by separating these two hoses, I'll be able to find some sort of connection between the faucet and the water supply/intake hose, and just have the second hose - drain from the washer to the sink.

Will this work, any advice/comments THANKS

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Joey S
by Joey S Earned 112,168 community points in Kenmore
August 27th, 2013
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