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Matthew Wright

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Watch Monday Night Football Online now and have fun! Goodell's present agreement terminates in 2019. A month ago, the SportsBusiness Journal announced that he's in line for a five-year expansion, accepted to be in the scope of past bundles that have surpassed $30 million in yearly pay (counting compensation and rewards). Jones kept up to correspondents in Denver on Sunday that he is a solid supporter of Goodell.


"The majority of that is without substance," Jones said of the reports. In any case, inquiries regarding his association with the chief have heightened as of late in the midst of the proceeding with Ezekiel Elliott adventure. The Cowboys running back is legitimately testing the six-amusement suspension that Goodell slapped on him for damaging the class' aggressive behavior at home strategy. Jones has fervently bolstered Elliott and straightforwardly scrutinized the NFL's procedure for train.

That would apparently give Jones a thought process to drawing the brakes on another arrangement for Goodell. Clear, however, debate that hypothesis even while demanding that Jones has in reality affected the procedure. No, Jones didn't muscle his direction onto the pay board of trustees. Clear said that he welcomed him to join the gathering as a specially appointed part for the particular reason for tending to Goodell's agreement.

"He has a point of view and a voice that is vital to be heard," Blank stated, "and I believe he's been extremely useful in such manner. He's not exceeding anything. He's been a decent advisory group part for this reason. He's additional esteem.

"I've conversed with him, Lord knows how frequently ... so we're in a decent place."

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