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Rick S77

How to remove the impeller/auger assembly on a Craftsman Snowthrower?

Model # 536881550 - Loose impeller. I already know I need to replace the roll-pins for the impeller, but the issue is not enough clearance to bang out the old pin from the shaft. I tried to pull the whole assembly from the front, but something is holding on. I removed the 3 bolts from either side holding thr auger, and also two bolts that lloked they were holding it in, from under the belt cover. I also took off the bottom panel, but still couldn't see anything. I'm not sure if the shaft is seized on the drive, but it's not budging. Major storm hitting in 3 days as well, so I need to get this woring badly. I was able to get the back pin out, bit the front is proving to be unfriendly.

Craftsman , Snow Removal Equipment
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Bill W
by Bill W Earned 3,106 community points in Craftsman
February 10th, 2014
Answered in 15 minutes
Rick S77
Hi Bill... Not sure if you're still following. I got the machine in two pieces following the video you linked to. But when I go to remove the pulley, there in no bolt, but some strange looking fastener with a tab pushed back, and I can't budge it. It was also covered in some sort of gray putty, which I left as much in place. I'm not sure how get past the pulley..Any ideas? thx, rs
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Rick S77
by Rick S77 Earned 23 community points in Craftsman
February 10th, 2014
Answered in 1 hours
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