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Randy Drummond

Goodman GDT070-3B. Ignite glows. Hear the click for the gas to flow, but get no ignition intermittently. Was told it was possibly the Flame Sensor. Attempted to sand it. Issue persists. Ordered replacement fired up right away last night. This morning woke up to a house at 58 degrees. Attempted to power cycle unit multiple times. Would not ignite even though igniter was glowing. Put old sensor back in and it fired up immediately. Verified it is the correct part# on the new sensor.

Flashes code 1. Also after getting furnace to ignite. Set furnace to 70°. It kicked off after only reaching 68° though. I can hear the gas and I blew into the burner tube for a little dust that was there and I can smell the gas. Somethings it will briefly ignite and go back out.

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