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Keith Barnard

I still have not got an answer. On my dgs6500 it won't start without being in engaged mode with pto? Why. I bought it used and is a 2006 model

It does start when pto is engaged. That's hard on starter. Help please.

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Member Assist
by Member Assist Earned 25,689 community points in Kenmore
November 3rd, 2014
Answered in 9 hours
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Ron Hawkins
by Ron Hawkins Earned 19,073 community points in Kenmore
November 3rd, 2014
Answered in 2 hours
Keith Barnard
The pto to be off. At that time it is engauged and has power to start. Is thus a bad switch?
Keith Barnard
I do no that it is very hard on startes and battery to have to start with pto engaged. Everything else seems to be working other than I can't start mower unless the pto is in the engage mode. I did notice that the pto knob shows that when pulled up position it should be on. Instead I have to push down which show
Keith Barnard
Hi Ron. 917.287451
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