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How do I fix my dripping eavestrough?

I have water dripping from my eavestrough. When I had my home inspection, the home inspector said that it was because the previous owner did not clean their eavestrough and there was a lot of leaves and organic material (decomposed leaves) in the eavestrough. I have cleaned out the eavestrough (removed all the leaves and other organic material). However, it is still dripping. The drip seems to occur where two pieces of the eavestrough meet (near the corners of my roof - there is more than one drip). How can I stop the dripping (do I apply caulking to the eavestrough where two pieces meet or do I need to replace the eavestrough)? If I did not do anything, will this cause any problems (other than icicles forming on the eavestrough at the point of the drip and weathering at the point where the drip hits the ground)?

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by Manage My Life
April 26th, 2007
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