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Why is my wall wet?

I've lived in my house for 26 years. From day one, my living room wall has had a moisture problem where the wall meets the ceiling. I've fixed the plaster walls myself three times, and had it done professionally twice, and it keeps coming back. I had a new roof put on my house, and they found nothing bad. The wall that has the problem is a west wall with a outside fireplace chimney. I was told to caulk the chimney. I did and it still got wet, so I paid a roofer $ 250.00 to recaulk the chimney -- it still gets wet. My fire place chimney has 3 flues, 2 are used and 1 is fake. I put caps on the 2 that are used so rain couldn't get down. It still gets wet. I just had 12 inches of insulation put in my attic, they told my that they saw no signs of moisture in the old insulation or on the inside of the roof. The plaster in the living room gets wet on the ceiling and wall in the same place all the time. There is no dripping just wet and soft plaster. I don't know what else to try. Any help would be appreciated.

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Manage My Life
by Manage My Life
April 26th, 2007
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