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Resistance on my Nordictrack CXT910 is not working anymore?

So I am a novice and probably missing something basic but the issue is when I press for resistance on my eliptical nothing happens. Here is what I did to troubleshoot.

1. Ensured all connectors were fastened both on the control console and near the tension motor
2. Disconnected the control console connector then applied a direct power source (9v battery) to the motor. It cranked as expected.
3. Took my electrical tester and was able to get a reading when pressing various resistance levels. I am not sure the test was valid but here is what I did:
a. put one prong from the testor on the yellow or blue wire which is soildered to the motor and the other on the red/black/ or white wire which is on what I am guessing is a compacitor? Not sure. Please see picture.

I hope this helps, let me know if you need more info.

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Manage My Life
by Manage My Life
August 26th, 2008
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