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My Kenmore Elite HE3 washing machine is beeping and the door won't open. The code is F 02. How can I get the door to open?

I don't know the model number because I can't get the door open. It is a Kenmore Elite HE3 front loading machine. The machine has been acting up. Sometimes the SUDS code comes on even when I used half the soap called for. The cycles go until the last few minutes and then stop. I have unplugged the machine to try to reset things but that usually doesn't let me open the door. I can't fine my instruction manual. I am sure these codeas: SUDS or F 02 are in the manual. Please help me!

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Joey S
by Joey S Earned 112,168 community points in Kenmore
September 1st, 2010
Answered in 21 hours
heidi spi
1) Unplugged the machine. 2) unscrewed and pulled the bottom panel off 3) unscrewed the drain cover and let the water drain out and removed the following items: a pen, at least 75 cents, leaves, hair, wood chips, gunk (so gross - it smelled like sewer). I cleaned it out really well (obviously!). 4) Now that all the water had drained from the machine I reached up inside the face of the machine to find and pull the lever that opens the door. 5) close the door, put drain cover back on, put bottom panel back on 6) ran a drain / spin cycle. At the end of the cycle - my door lock made the wonderful little 'click' noise and voila - it unlocked :) My door locking mechanism seems to be working fine now - it was the drain that was clogged. I can now see how these machines would start to stink even with regular cleaning of the drum and rubber gasket - if the sludge is never cleaned from the drain it would make the whole machine smell terrible. Thank you!!
heidi spi
Thank you!! I was getting an 'f du' error. You are right, there was water still in my machine and so the door wouldn't open. This is what I did:
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Manage My Life
by Manage My Life
August 31st, 2010
Answered in 7 minutes
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