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Dani Parker

How to get my cat to stop going on the carpet

I have had my 3 cats for 7 years, they are indoor/outdoor cats. I have a litter box for them, which they have always used if they aren't outside, which then they would go to the bathroom out there. For the past month one of my cats, MewMew has started pooping by the front door (that is carpeted, grr) and the back door, which is off the kitchen, so it's tiled. But, it's frustrating because the litter box is 2 feet from the back door!! Also, recently my friend has moved in with me so we could share the cost of rent and cut down on expenses. She has 2 cats of her own. So far her cats and mine don't get along, mostly they just stay away from each other, except one of my cats, Gracie (not the one i have been talking about above) has been very upset and territorial. Anyway, her cats have their own litter box and food/eater dishes. They're food dishes are in my friend's room and their litter box is in a seperat part of the kitchen. Although, I've seen Gracie (my cat) going in their litter box and one of her cats going in our litter box, but that seems to work for them. Also I removed our dishwasher a few months ago leaving a huge space between then stove and sink, underneath the counter. I moved my cats' litter box under there (2 feet from the old spot) because i thought it would be more visually appealing than having it out in the open in the kitchen. But I thought that might be a cause of this new behavior by MewMew and moved it back to the old spot 2 weeks later. But, she still goes poop by the front door and by the back door, right NEXT to the litter box. So I need to know what to do to make this stop, or she is going to have to become an outdoor cat only. Is there any sprays or training tools? What was it that made her start doing this, so that I can prevent it from happening again?? I can use all the advice or suggestions you can think of. Thank you!

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Manage My Life
by Manage My Life
December 10th, 2012
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