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Share Button

Add a Share button to invite your readers to share their products on
The Share button lets a user share your content with friends on ShopYourWay.
When the user clicks the Share button on your site, a story appears in the user's stream on ShopYourWay with a link back to your website.

Note: The URLs in the code are protocol relative. This lets the browser load the SDK over the same protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) as the containing page, which will prevent "Insecure Content" warnings. Missing http and https in the code is intentional.
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  • title - Title of the shared item
  • link - Url to the shared item (url must contain http://)
  • sourceSiteUrl - Url to your site (url must contain http://)
  • sourceSiteAlias - Name of your site
  • content - Description of the shared item
  • imageUrl - Url to the item's image (url must contain http://)