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Everything you need from table setting to gift giving
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"I laugh at stupid things, I spend way to much time online, and I have a [major] obsession with the 50's style"
"I love my grand kids."
"I'm 26. I love my cats. I love to cook read and craft. "
"avid couponer, photography and family are my interest. Love to sing"
"Grandmother of 17 and love being creative."
"Im from puerto rico,christian love to help others,love live "
"married ,have onedaughter"
"Tasha. 21 years old and in a relationship. Good people good times and good food are what life is all about. "
"bargain lover"
"Wife, Mother, Work Full Time, Love Rat Terriers and Golden Retrievers, Camping, Hiking "
"loves to cook"
"Stay at home mom"
"U.S. Navy Vetran working at Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana."
"I am unemployed at this moment but looking for a job that suits my passion for arts and crafts."
"single mom of twins......all you need to know"
"happy with life"
"I love diy projects "
"I like to make old things into something new."
"I am what I am."
"Love to read, play video games and I love animals."