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"I am a very positive person and love being around positive people!"
"Have lived all around the world because my dad was in the Air Force, born in Japan and love to help people achieve healthy lifestyle goals."
"I love to bead!"
"Love to be creative "
"I like the outdoors, movie, cooking, music"
"I love Photography and Hockey"
"Love reading and movies."
"mother of 2"
"Im me"
"Mommy of 2 trying to save money :)"
"Stay At home mom that loves to save money, do crafts, enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. We are building our home on 10 acres "
"I'm a little shy and don't go out much "
"I love kmart"
"Wifey, Mommy, Employee"
"I love fashion! All the different colors, styles and patterns. Putting outfits together is so much fun especially the unique ones!!!"
"I am a Chrisitan mom with three children, my youngest has Autism. I enjoy family and friends, makeup, nailpolish, & the outdoors!"
"What do I put here. What is the point of this?"
"Buffallo Chicken Bites fried in peanut oil - Yummy!"
"im a mommy who loves to run my business with SCENTSY"
"I am a stay at home mom who loves to crochet and craft and am very passionate about volunteering in my community"
"Family is evrything"
"I'm a working mother of 2 beautiful girls!"
"mommy of 4"
"I'm awesome"
"Im awesome!"
"Caregiver for my elderly Mother"
"i like fishing"
"Love the thrill of adventure :-)"
"Cars, food, and family!"
"enjoying everyday life"