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Janie Chang - Designer
Foodie, photog, mother and fashion adventurer, Vice-President of Men's Design
  • Cynthia Bryant
  • Jennifer Chahoud
  • Diana Echols
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"I worked for the New York State Division for Youth for 20 years and then sold office supplies for a company out of Binghamton, New York."
"I am often described as a well-rounded individual, with a taste and adaptation to learn and develop interest in almost ..."
"I have a love for fashion, animals, soul cycle, snowboarding and enjoy spending time with family and friends!"
"Graphic Artist, Newborn Girls"
"Personal Stylist + Entreprenuer Mentor who specializing in fashion and beauty. Find out more at the all new"
"My name is Joanna, and I am a SAHM to 2 beautiful boys. I have always had a major passion for fashion, and am loving experimenting with ..."
"Educator, proud mother of two young men, who is always on the lookout for styles, trends and deals that I think will enhance your lifestyle!"
"Lands' End fanatic"
"Bargain Hunter, Savvy Couponer, and Beauty Expert. I can help you stretch your hard-earned money. Got the inside scoop to help you save BIG!"
"Energetic shopper who loves a good bargain!"