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Jon Jankowsky
  • Sheri Samuels
  • Alyssa Alvarado
  • Joey S
  • +199
"I'm a designer for Sears/Kmart Girl's apparel, and am passionate about finding the hottest trends for tweens today!"
"Never say never."
"I'm nice."
"I have 7 boys and 3 girls, shopping at Kmart has helped."
"Love the outdoors"
"Please Follow My Public Page on this link"
"SYW Sweeps LOSER all the time."
"Business student who loves to shop!"
"Nature; Birding, Feeding Fish, Beaches, Rivers, Dominos, UNO, Pets (2 dogs & a cat). Love children/grandchildren, Service Dogs"
"I'm forever online at SYW managing a team of 100 Personal Shoppers! Just email me at to become a client or PS!"
"Live, Love, Laugh with intention and spontaneity"
"Senior Graphic Designer"
"Graphic Artist, Newborn Girls"