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Nozzles & Hose Accessories
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Craftsman 3 pc. Water Hose Metal Nozzle Set
Earn 160+ points
Craftsman 7-Pattern Rear-Trigger AquaGun®
Earn 140+ points
Craftsman Hose Nozzle
Earn 100+ points
Craftsman Rear-Trigger Adjustable AquaGun® Nozzle
Earn 140+ points
Craftsman Fireman's Hose Nozzle
Earn 240+ points
Craftsman Metal Front-Trigger Adjustable Nozzle
Earn 110+ points
Craftsman Y-Connector Shut-Off
Earn 110+ points
Craftsman Brass Twist Nozzle
Earn 100+ points
Craftsman 2 pc. Quick Connector Set
Earn 70+ points
Craftsman Hose Repair ZBM 3/4" Male
Earn 60+ points
Craftsman Hose Repair ZBF 3/4" Female
Earn 70+ points
Craftsman 4-Way Hose Manifold
Earn 80+ points
BLACK+DECKER 3-Way Adjustable Trigger Nozzle
Earn 120+ points
Craftsman Quick Connector Female
Earn 55+ points
Craftsman Hose Cap
Earn 30+ points
Craftsman Hose Repair ZBR 3/4"
Earn 25+ points
BLACK+DECKER 8 pc. Watering Combo Pack
Earn 250+ points
Deluxe Heavy Duty Adjustable Trigger Nozzle
Earn 110+ points
Flexzilla® Garden Hose Whip
Earn 92+ points
Quick Connector Male
Earn 20+ points
Import Tooluxe Standard Garden Fire Hose Nozzle Water Spray Hose Nozzle - 3/4" Inlet
Earn 141+ points
L R Nelson Corporation LRN50131 Nelson Easy Clik 6 Pattern Multi Pattern Nozzle
Earn 286+ points
Flexzilla® Pro Reusable Fittings - Water Hose -Female
Earn 98+ points
Flexzilla® Pro Reusable Fittings - Water Hose - Male
Earn 81+ points
TOOLBASIX GN434513L 9-Pattern Garden Hose Nozzle, Yellow/Black
Earn 57+ points
Gilmour 09QSR-BAG Brass Quick Connector Seals
Earn 28+ points
Gilmour 01CWBAG Vinyl Hose Washers 10-Count
Earn 14+ points
Earn 51+ points
Mintcraft RR-15432 3-Way Garden Hose Nozzle
Earn 81+ points
Raindrip Automatic Watering Container & Hanging Basket Kit
Earn 541+ points
SEG Garden Hose Repair kit Limited Item BQSO242
Earn 70+ points
Greschlers Inc. 3/4" Female Hose X 3/4" Female Hose Brass Swivel Fitting
Earn 61+ points
Gardena 31128 Garden Hose Washer & O-Ring Set, 5/8", Rubber
Earn 50+ points
Greschlers Inc. Garden Hose Washer
Earn 2+ points
SEG Garden Hose Nozzle
Earn 160+ points
SEG Garden Hose Nozzle Limited Item BQSO237
Earn 160+ points
GILMOUR MFG Comm Insul Garden Hose Nozzle , 572
Earn 66+ points
Ames Poly Hose Hanger, 2384110
Earn 38+ points
Stansport Enamel 8-Cup Coffee Pot with Percolator & Four 12oz Mugs - PET
Earn 260+ points
Pentair HA5 Garden Hose Adapter,1-1/4" MIP X Male to 3/4"MIP Male
Earn 84+ points
Garden Hose Nozzle Set - Mintcraft YM7004-2 Garden Hose Nozzle Sets - 2PIECE NOZZLE SET - ORG
Earn 190+ points
Mintcraft Garden Hose Nozzle - BRASS HEAD ADJ TRIGGER SPRAYER - ORG
Earn 100+ points
Arrowhead Brass Prod. : 1/2"X8" Hot/Cold Hydrant
Earn 814+ points
Sunmate 58884A Mini XL Stream Fire Hose Nozzle
Earn 134+ points
Greschlers Inc. 3/8" Hose X 3/8" Male Pipe Poly Connector
Earn 20+ points
Garden Hose Nozzle - Mintcraft GT-197531 Garden Hose Nozzles - UL 9 PATTRN PISTOL GRIP NOZZL - ORG
Earn 160+ points
Bon Aire Industries Bonaire HN10C Ultimate Hose Nozzle, Stainless Steel
Earn 300+ points
Mintcraft GM2043L Garden Hose Filter Washers, 12 Piece
Earn 14+ points
Craftsman 3 pc. Water Hose Metal Nozzle Set
Eligible for FREE shipping
Earn 160+ points
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