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"Artist, Musician, Teacher"
"tranquilo cristiano y nada es imposible para Dios"
"I am a little dog about... 4 years oldI'm alittle bit hipper active, love to play, chase balls, pee on any think espacially socks... (:"
"I love to read, work toward my degree and spend time with my family!"
"Guitar playin' hippie chick!!"
"Animal Lover and enjoy the outdoors"
"I love my Family. "
"I'm 26. I love my cats. I love to cook read and craft. "
"I'm happy go lucky"
"What do I put here. What is the point of this?"
"Buffallo Chicken Bites fried in peanut oil - Yummy!"
"I love meeting new people, and I enjoy wearing my fitbit to see how much progress I make."
"im a mommy who loves to run my business with SCENTSY"
"Just me"
"love to get good deals and explore"