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Power Of Persuasion Contest
Tell us why you should win a 16.1MP digital camera.
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  • Toni Garczynski
  • Lisa Lee
  • Sharon Ensminger
  • +327
I do not know what to say to persuade anyone to vote for me so I can get this camera. I just know I'm like everyone else on here and would love to have it. I do know that all we have right now is ...
by Derek Ponder
Derek Ponder
I would love to own a new camera but I was taught that if members of the family are old then it is up to others to give to those who will soon have only memories and pictures are a great way of ...
by Angelica B
Angelica B
I would love to win a digital camera with summer around the corner I would love to take pictures of my beautiful granddaughters and all the beatiful flowers and gardens that our good lord created. ...
by Marie Gray
Marie Gray
I would hope that the person who needs to make memories, capture the special moment that is so very special will win this prize. You see pictures are taken to keep memories growing by nurturing ...
I would like to win the camera so that I can take pictures worthy of these contests.
by Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee
I would like to win in order to give it as a gift to a family member who is passionate about photography and capturing the beauty of the great outdoors.
by Nettie Amendola
Nettie Amendola
A new camera would be amazing!!!
by Elizabeth Braegger
Elizabeth Braegger
reading all these stories of why others need a camara got me thinking as to why i need as well. as you know cell camaras are not the best to take pictures of your loved ones and events. i would ...
I'm an avid facebook, instagram, tumblr,etc..user and I post pictures daily! I would love to win a actual camera so I would be able to take even cooler pics!!
by Parker Hawkins
Parker Hawkins
I really don't "deserve" to win this contest. I'm brand new at this but my wife has been doing it for a year and loves it. She tells me all the time I should do it too. So here I am. Every time ...
by Ed Klosowski
Ed Klosowski
I'd love to win to take lots of pictures of my granddaughter Allie. She was born 2 months premature & is just precious!
by Pam Davis
Pam Davis
Photography is a great hobby especially in this new digital era. I have a Canon that I purchased a decade ago and it has been a joy to use over the years, but a new 16 mega pixel camera would be ...
by Chris McKenzie
Chris McKenzie
I would like to win a new camera so that i can take pictures of my niece and nephews. They are growing up so quickly and I want to capture all of the precious moments.
by Corrine Fabozzi
Corrine Fabozzi
I am 35 and have had three hip surgeries in the last five years. I am pretty much bound to my bed and sofa. Whenever something cute happens with my kids I always try to take a picture. Only thing ...
by Rachael Ashcraft
Rachael Ashcraft
I have to win this contest. My nephew is 2 and growing like a weed! I don't want to miss any special moments.
by S D Cheatom
S D Cheatom