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"I am a little dog about... 4 years oldI'm alittle bit hipper active, love to play, chase balls, pee on any think espacially socks... (:"
"Im a mother to a sweet little boy! "
"Great personality "
"Lifestyle & family blogger of Speaker, Author, Proud Parent, Iowa Blogger"
"i like being with my family"
"House wife, mother, and great cook."
"you wish"
"I am a wife' mother of 5, grandmother of 4. Love to crochet! Love computers."
"Hello, welcome to my little side of SYW. Hope you like "
"im a 50 yr old woman with 2 kids that are grown and 6 grandsons and i love jewelry and clothes "
"Buffallo Chicken Bites fried in peanut oil - Yummy!"
"I like reading, camping and travel "
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"I am a stay at home mom who loves to crochet and craft and am very passionate about volunteering in my community"
"Love god and family"
"If I don't have it, can't get it or make it, You don't need it"
"stay at home mommy with two toddlers "
"It would be really nice if it included a word counter if a set amount of words has to be typed"
"soft hearted person"
"A mother and a grandmother that loves motorcycles, flowers, movies, and family."
"easy going sweet and nice to others "
"i am energetic, happy go lucky"